Mica Glimmer Bangle Bracelet




Introduction: Mica Glimmer Bangle Bracelet

This flirty bangle bracelet has mica hidden in the ribbon fluff. It only looks dangerous; the mica edges are quite flexible and won’t cut you but they will shine just a bit. The vintage buttons are a counterweight to the ribbon and mica.

- 5 mica tags
- 24 inches of antique brass wire, 16 gauge
- 20 inches of silk dupioni ribbon, ¾ inch
- 32 inches of navy and red checked ribbon, 3/16 inch
- 2 beehive bead cones
- 22 vintage mother of pearl buttons

- Wire cutters
- Flat nose pliers
- Scissors
- Nylon jaw pliers

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Step 1: Add Ribbon and Tags

Cut ribbon into 4 inch sections. Knot one piece of checked ribbon onto the 16 gauge wire so that the ribbon ends are even. Knot a length of dupioni next to the checked ribbon. Thread a mica tag onto the wire. Repeat, tying checked ribbon, dupioni ribbon and threading a mica tag until all the mica tags are threaded onto the wire. After the final mica tag has been threaded on the wire, tie a piece of checked ribbon and a piece of dupioni onto the wire. Slide the mica and ribbon along the wire until they are centered along the length.

Step 2: Add Beehive Cone & Buttons to Wire

Thread a beehive cone onto each end of the wire so that the cone faces the ribbons. Feed all the buttons onto one end of the wire. Thread the other end of the wire back through the buttons going the opposite direction of the first wire. Pull wires to tighten the bangle to size.

Step 3: Create Wire Wrap

Check to see that the ribbon and mica pieces are clustered tightly on the wire. Gripping the wire with flat or nylon jaw pliers use your fingers to create a messy wrap in the end of the wire at the base of one of the bead cones. Repeat this on the other side, checking the fit on your wrist as you work

Tie remaining ribbon scraps between the mica tags wherever there is room.

Note:If the bracelet is too loose you can gently separate the wires along the sides of the bangle to make it a bit smaller.

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