Introduction: Mickey Mouse Blanket From a Pillowcase and Fabric Scraps

I made this blanket for my son out of a pillowcase and some other scrap fabric. It took a couple hours (mostly because the kids kept pressing the peddles on the sewing machine)!

Step 1: Supplies

This is what I started with:
~Various scraps
~Sewing machine
~Freezer paper
~Quilting Ruler thing (helpful but not necessary)
~Iron, I have a Iron press but just a regular one will work great

Step 2: Cutting the Pillowcase

First I took the pillow case and turned it inside-out and cut the edges off so it was one big piece of fabric. I used one I had tie dyed because I had some scraps that matched, but anything will work. I also cut it in half so I was left with one piece about the size of a pillow case. This is the center of the Blanket.

Step 3: Now for the Edges

Now cut the scraps into 6x6 squares, this is where the quilters rule is handy. Its not an exact science (atleast not when I do it!)

Step 4: Laying Out the Pattern

Its usually easiest to lay out the pattern before you start sewing, then with right sides together begin connecting the pieces. I used 6 across the length of the blanket and 3 on the width. 2 of the 6 for the length are for the corners.

Step 5: Connecting the Blocks

Now that the blocks are together in sections its time to start connecting the pieces.

First I laid every thing out in the correct spot to make sure it was going to fit. I had to trim my pillowcase a little, it was too big.

Put one of the 6 block pieces across the length of the pillowcase with right sides together and stitch. Repeat for the other sides. This is the tricky part... Remember always right sides together! Attach all pieces separately then go back and flip the top piece down and stitch the whole length again to attach the sides block to the top block.

Step 6: Press the Seams

All the seams have to be pressed, it makes it easier to handle and easier to attach the back of the blanket.

Step 7: Attaching the Backing

I chose to use hemp for the back because its what I had on hand, anything soft will do. cut the backing slightly larger and place right sides together. Pinning across the length and width helps keep everything even. I serged the edges before sewing them, serging isn't necessary I just find it easier.

Important:' Make sure to leave a hole at least 3 inches on one end to turn out the blanket, otherwise you will have an inside out blanket! Also if using a stretchy material as the backing, place that fabric on top so it doesn't stretch as you sew it.

Step 8: Turning Out the Blanket

Start pulling the blanket thru the hole, it will be hard at first and depending on the size of the hole too. Work the corners so they are pulled tight. Once its completely turned out iron/press the whole blanket.

Some how I missed a pic of the step, sew the hole closed making sure the ends are turned in. Then stitch the whole edge of the blanket at about 1/8 to 1/4 inch, you will feel the seam inside and the goal is to sew it all together so it doesn't move.

Step 9: Complete!

Now you have a complete blanket! Unless your crazy like me and have to add more, this is where the freezer paper comes in. Freezer paper has 2 sides one is like regular paper and the other is waxy.

Take a silhouette of a mickey mouse head and cut it out, trace it on to the paper side of freezer paper, I did 4 one for each corner. Cut the patterns apart, and iron on to the blanket in the desired position. I also chose to do my sons name.

Step 10: Machine "Quilting"

Using the ironed pattern as a guideline, sew along the lines taking your time. This is the most time consuming part of this project. Make sure your stitch length is set to a very small stitch, otherwise the freezer paper is harder to take off and the stitch is loose and wacky.

Key to this step is taking your time!

Once you have stitched the whole pattern slowly and carefully peel off the freezer paper, it will most likely rip and come off in pieces.

Step 11: Tada!

Mickey mouse blanket is successfully completed! Just needs to be washed and dried, all ready for the little one!