Introduction: Mickey Mouse Inspired $$ Bank

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It has literally been 13 years since I've last been to Disneyland. I was only 2 years old, and i don't remember anything. So naturally when my Best Friend asked me to go to Disneyland next year i was uber excited! But how am i supposed to save all of that money? with a cute Mickey Mouse inspired piggy bank! I set a goal of $300 to go to DL. So today your going to walk with me on the journey to Disneyland! First stop Money bank!!

Step 1: Supplies

- big mason jar (already had) $1 at the dollar store
-cardboard free
-black paint (I had black spray paint) $1
-red enamel paint (i thought you could use acrylic but it doesn't a stick on as well as enamel special meant for glass) $2
-white paint (already had)
-masking tape (already had)
-oil based paint marker (a sharpie would work fine bu it didnt have a dark enough color) $3-4
-hot glue gun
-glitter (optional)
-mod podge

Build cost me $6

Step 2: The Ears

To start I made little Mickey ears with a round object (I used the outside of electrical tape). Use the sharpie and mark a straight line and cut it. Fit it before you glue it. Now hot glue it to the rim (my jar didn't have a lid). I masked off all the parts I didn't want black and spray painted it.

*what I didn't do was mask off the inside so I have a little bit of specks inside the jar*

Step 3: The Body

I masked off the spots I didn't want red (the clear center) and painted the section red. I traced a nickel onto cardboard and painted it white. I hot glued the "buttons" to the dry red body. Almost done!

Step 4: Add Words

I used a font generator to type out MICKEY MONEY in Disney letters. I printed it out and tape it to the inside. I then traced it onto the far with a sharpie. I sealed the sharpie marks with mod podge.

If you wanted you can add glitter or use sharpies to draw fireworks, or Mickey shaped food, or even cinderella's castle. You can do anything not just this design. I put another design if you want to use another one.

I used a sharpie at first but I didn't like the "finish" look to it so I bought a oil based marker and it looks much better!

Step 5: Time to Save My $$

Having fun at Disneyland since '03 (I'm the one in the middle) :)