Mickey Mouse Yarn and Sugar Trophy

Introduction: Mickey Mouse Yarn and Sugar Trophy

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I used red yarn for Mickey color, but you can use any color you decide on. I recommend using same color as yarn you will use. (Utilizing cat to condition the yarn not necessary, but fun to watch).
List of supplies:
Big ball of Yarn (Red for Mickey or you choose color you like)
5 pounds of sugar should suffice, with plenty to spare. If buying in bulk, you can estimate on the safe side 3 parts sugar to water for a syrup effect.(You want sugar that is made up of granules you can see. Breaks down easliy in water.)
Mickey Mouse balloon (you can get online or craft store like Party City or go visit Disneyland)
Silver or clear glitter.(add to wet balloon syrup after it has been applied.)
Clear enamel (for sealing final look) and gold spray (for spraying base you choose to use). (see pictures)
Plastic bucket (to catch dripping sugar syrup).
Base used from plastic model or piece of 2x4 wood

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