Introduction: *Micro* Deep Water Culture

For anyone who has been in Hydroponics, this isn't a new invention. "Deep water culture" systems have been around for a long time.I first started with such designs back in 1997 after being completely fed up with the problems of growing plants indoors and, in soil. The bugs,,,,THE BUGS!!! All those nasty eggs in soil just waiting for the right moment to {pop} and show their ugly faces. That is why I left soil and went to hydroponics.

Back then, there was next to nothing in relation to resources, we still had land line phones and the internet was in its infancy. But libraries and constant searching via any means I could , slowly got this practice up and running.

Epcot center was my inspiration. I was born in the 70's and in the mid/late 80's remember going to Epcot center and seeing their wall of lettuce hydroponic setup. I was a moth to a lamp, a deer in headlights and refused to move an inch that day.So it only made sense, something that intriguing to me as a child, stayed with me ever since.

To save space when germinating seeds or cloning cuttings, I use this MICRO DWC unit. Having built many over the years of all sizes, this unit has never failed me for the two uses. So, being a indoor growing enthusiast, I thought to share this with anyone else that also enjoys this passion.

Cost of build will change depending on the parts you find and utilize, but for my build-here is the price list.

1) $11.62 Container

2) $6.77 Air pump

3) $2.00 Air stones

4) $2.00 Air line

5) $3.37 Duct Tape

6) $1.42 Tee Valve

7) $2.70 16mm tattoo ink caps

The only tools you will need:

1) Drill with bits

2) Sharp blade

The only other thing you will need is natural light or artificial lighting for your plants to grow. This is just the construction, I will not be getting into those on this build.

Other than that, everything should be self explanatory in my video :-) Thank you for stopping by.

This is my first Instructable, I hope to make many more. :-)