Introduction: Micro Donuts

When I was a kid I always loved the show "The Borrowers".  Here are some micro donuts that would be perfect for those wee folk.  They also make awesome finger food, well fingertip food!

Step 1: Ingredients

How did I make these tiny donuts?   My secret was to start with Honey Nut Cheerios.  They are the perfect micro "honey glazed" donut.

I also used some melting chocolate for the chocolate as well as the chocolate and sprinkle donuts, and some powdered sugar for the powdered sugar donuts.

Step 2: To Make Powdered Sugar Micro Donuts

Dump some powdered sugar in the bowl, and add some cheerios.  With clean and DRY hands, toss the cheerios around until you have some coated donuts.  Set aside.

Step 3: To Make Sprinkled Donuts and Chocolate Donuts

Melt the chocolate in the microwave at 50% power, don't melt it too fast or it will burn.  When ready use itty bitty tongs to dip your donuts in the chocolate (or maybe toothpicks?) then transfer the half dipped donuts into the sprinkle bowl.  Let them dry in the sprinkles.

For the chocolate donuts just turn the plain cheerios over once coated on one side, this will make them look chocolatey.  Tip them on their sides and let them dry.  If you fail to tip them on their sides they will be hard to remove from the bowl.

Step 4: Make a Tiny Donut Box

You need a place to display your micro donuts.  Go to this website and print out the 1/6 or "Play Sized" donut box.  I've linked directly to it:

Use precision micro tip scissors to make those cuts and score along the lines before folding.  I cut out the window, which you could optionally cover with a bit of plastic, but I left it out because I wasn't taking the micro donuts anywhere but my kitchen.

Step 5: Fill the Tiny Donut Box

Use your itty bitty tongs, or toothpicks or your fingers or tweezers to move the donuts into the box, make sure to include 3 of each kind to make a dozen, you have honey glazed (plain honey nut cheerios) chocolate coated, chocolate sprinkle and powdered sugar.

Step 6: Marvel at Your Tiny Creation

Take a photo, don't these look delicious?

Step 7: Enjoy!

You have two choices, eating them one at a time, or my favorite, a box at a time!

Enjoy your tiny donuts or share them with the borrowers :)