Introduction: Micro FPV Unit Build

We will be making an all-in-one fpv cam into an air unit that directly plugs into your receiver. I am using the WT03 Camera for this project. First, you want connect the red and black wires of the servo wire to the red and black wires on the fpv cam. You do this by removing both of the connectors for the servo lead and the fpv cam. Then you strip the insulation of both and you solder them together. You also want to solder the yellow and green wires together. It should look like 3 put together wires. Make sure your fpv is working before you build the housing. You can do this by plugging everything together and testing it out. Now we are ready to build the housing.


WT03 Camera (Or any all-in-one fpv camera)

servo connector

Balsa Wood

Hot Glue Gun

Soldering Iron

Step 1: Build the Housing...And You're Done

After you have checked that all the fpv is working correctly, you want to cut out square pieces of balsa wood according to the dimensions of your camera and put together into a cubical manner. You do this by cutting out the balsa pieces 1cm by 1cm (6 pieces) and glue them together using the Hot Glue to put them together. You need to make sure that the servo wire is sticking out so you can plug into your receiver. Leaver open holes for the lens, the antenna, and any buttons on the camera. Now you are finished. Thank you for following this tutorial. Hope you enjoy your fpv camera!

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