Introduction: Micro Office Desk and Chair With Accessories

Here is a tiny desk with a chair, the desk is about an inch long.  It even comes with several accessories for...whoever will sit in this desk.  Perfect for a tiny office building.  I might make a tiny cubicle in the future, or other parts of a tiny office.  It is not hard to build, if you are good at working with small objects.  Ironically, it uses materials you can find in a larger office.  Hope you enjoy.  Try and see if you can make one smaller, and show us your pictures.

Step 1: Materials

-Needlenose pliers
-Super glue
-Wire cutters

-Small piece of balsa or other wood
-Matchsticks(number will vary depending on desired length of desk legs)
-Two thumbtacks
-Thin cardboard
-Assorted small objects

Step 2: Desk

Cut a small piece of balsa or other wood for the desk.  Remember to save a very small piece for the chair.  Cut the matchsticks into equal lengths.  Use super glue to attach them to the corners of the desk.

Step 3: Chair

To make the chair, cut the pin off of a thumbtack, leaving the disc-shaped part.  Make the legs from a paperclip using needlenose pliers.  This is done by creating a sort of "M" shape, with the top parts flat, then bending it into a round shape to fit the thumbtack piece.  Use superglue to attach it as shown.  To create the back, cut the pin off another thumbtack.  Break the saved piece of wood in half and superglue them at a right angle.  Glue the angle piece to the bottom of the seat and the back.

Step 4: Accessories

On this step, be creative.
-Laptop, tablet, and book made from cardboard and colored in with pens
-Coffee cup made from rolled up paper
-Pen and pencil made from paperclip piece and yellow cardboard

Create your own tiny accessories, and show us your pictures in the comments.