Introduction: Micro SD Business Card Case

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This is my first Instructable , I was at work and needed a place to put my Micro SD where it would not get damaged and this idea came to be.

Bill of materials is 6 business cards, sticky notes, glue and a hobby knife (mine was very dull).

Finished product is a 3 slot Micro SD case.

Step 1:

Not all business cards are the same, first step is to compare a stack of business cards to the thick side of the Micro SD. In my case it was 3 cards. 

Step 2:

Decide how you want to lay your cards out, I only wanted room for 3 Micro SD cards but more are possible.

After you mark the business card you will glue all the cards together, with the card you marked on top.

Step 3:

After cards are dry, cut out the boxes you marked. 

I did not have a sharp blade when I was creating this so my edges were not clean.

Step 4:

After holes are cut, you will place another business card under and trace out the slots.

The purpose for this is you will glue around the marks so no glue residue is remaining in the card slots.

Glue around the marks and assemble middle section and back card together.

Step 5:

Final is to create the cover.

You will use sticky notes, what I did was use two notes for each section so I could press on the sticky part and once in place, I pealed  the notes I touched so not to affect the glue.

Glue around the card and place the sticky notes, sticky side up.

Once all notes are in place peal off top notes.

Place Micro SD cards in slots and seal with top business card.