Introduction: Micro SD Card Holder

Micro SD Card Holder (10x or 12x), Very cheep and easy to make. The ones I got with the cards are cumbersome and the ones sold on eBay do not hold the cards very well, and could not find what I was looking for, so I came up with this.

It uses plastic top up phone cards etc, and micro SD card sockets of eBay that cost me less than £2 for 20 inc P&P from China. I covered the cards with Carbon Fiber Vinyl for a better look.

Step 1: Things You Need

Things you need.

1. Two phone top up cards.

2. Double sided tape.

3. 10 or 12 Micro SD card Sockets.

4. Vinyl to make the look you wish.

5. Indelible felt tip pen to match your Vinyl.

6. Tools, Craft Knife and Ruler.

Step 2: Modding the SD Sockets

There are two locator pegs on the card holders that need to be cut off, so the SD sockets/holders lay flat on the fixing tape that holds them in place.

Step 3: Prepping the Cards

If you wish to cover the cards with Vinyl, first use the matching indelible pen to color the edges of the cards so when you cover the card with vinyl it matches and dose not show the white edge around the outside of the cards.

Make the Vinyl bigger than the card as it's easy to trim of the excess with the craft knife.

Next turn the card over and put a 3mm strip of Vinyl along the top edge, as in picture and trim with craft knife. (This makes it easy to place the card sockets in line and make for the staggered placement of the cards when you join them together). Staggering of the cards stops the cards from accidentally being ejected from the card sockets if placed in your pocket etc. as they are below one edge but still visible and easy to press to unlock the cards from the holder.

Step 4: Placing the Sockets

Stick the double sided tape 2mm below the vinyl strip, and start and stop 3mm from each edge so the it dose not overhang the card sockets when they are all placed.

Place the SD sockets so they are evenly placed across the card, Place the outer two sockets first, 2mm in from the edge and touching the 3mm vinyl strip(NOT on top of the vinyl). Then place the inner 3 sockets making sure they are in line. Make sure they do not overlap each other.

If you making the 12 socket card holder place one more on each card as shown in the picture 3mm in from the edge and fix in place with the tape. You will also have to cut a notch on the opposite edge so that it lines up with the side sockets when they are joined together, (see finished picture,one notch on each card).

Step 5: Ready to Join the Cards Together

Place double sided tape on top of the sockets places on each card, keep the tape 1mm from the edges so that when the cards are joined together there is no exposed tape for things to get stuck to. (use the indelible pen to color in any of the edges that well be seen when the cards are finally joined, See Picture)

When joining the cards together place the edge that has no sockets on 0.5mm above level of sockets on the other card. so the cards are staggered 2.5mm, this is what protects the cars from accidentally being ejected from the sockets. (See finished picture).

Step 6: 10 or 12 Card ?

If you opted for the 10 card build, you can block of the sides with some wire outer casing that just fits in-between the two cards without forcing them apart, you can also color the the casing with the pen.

Number the sockets if you wish or mark the cards A & B so you have some idea what side and socket a certain SD card is in.

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