Introduction: MicroBit 10 Sided Die

Guide to making a 10 sided die.

Step 1: The Die Part

The die section of the programing will be quite simple. It's simply a matter of making a variable that ends up deciding what image that the microbit produces.

First, add a "on shake" from the input tab. Now, you make a variable. I will call it DIE. Inside of that, you add a "set DIE to (random number from 1 to 10)". That can be found in the variable section. Random number is from the math tab. Now, under that, add a "if true, then", from the logic tab. In place of "true", add an "0 = 0", found in the logic tab. This is where it decides what will be shown. You're going to add the variable to that part. You're going to make ten of these. Each one having DIE equal a different number from 1 to 10. As well as that you will have to add a custom pixel formation that has as many pixels as the number DIE equals. The "show leds" can be found in the basic tab.

Step 2: The Music Part

The music part is very subjective. You can have any song you want. If you copy the song I have put in the instructable, you will get the theme of The Lord of The Rings. Feel free to use any song you want. The only part you need is a "run in backround" from the control tab. Then add a "repeat 'n' times" from the loops tab. Then add any tune you like.