Introduction: Micro:arcade — a Cheap, Micro:bit-based, Solderless "game Console" (featuring 5x5Squash)

About: Sucks at soldering, [hopefully] compensates with coding.

Micro:bit is very powerfull out-of-the-box. You just link it to your computer's USB, and you can already write an accelerometer-controlled game (like 5x5Squash here).

Once you try to actually play it (e.g. powering it via USB cable to a portable charger), the cable makes your movement cumbersome. So I tried to tape it to a LiPo battery. Was fun (because I was cautious enough to stop before the battery discharges completely and dies), but in order to make it kid-safe I'd also need to add a LiPo charger into the thing (at least as a guard against irreversible discharge), and then put all dangling components in a box yada yada.

I've found a breadboard-based solution with:

  • 2*AA battery pack
  • Sound ✌
  • Power switch
  • Mute switch

It also leaves enough breadboard space for buttons/leds/joystick/etc. and feels nice and balanced to play with.

Step 1: Just Do It



    See breadboard diagram and photos [including the tooltips] for [hopefully] all you need to know (including what to do if you don't have screw terminals). It takes <5 minutes, and no soldering is required.


    See attached

    Now sit back and imagine an alternative history where accelerometers were invented before TV screens ;)