Introduction: Micro:bit Air Guitar (DMP)

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Digital Maker's Sg very own Air Guitar project!

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Cutting Outline of Air Guitar

Step 3: Glue Side Straps to Add Height

Step 4: Attach Guitar Neck

Step 5: Cut Slot for Guitar Neck

Step 6: Attach

Step 7: Slot in Guitar Neck

Step 8: Design and Print

Step 9: Coding the Program

Step 10: Setting Melodies

Step 11: Final Coding Step

Step 12: Transfer Code Into Micro:bit

Step 13: 3D Print Micro:bit Cover

Step 14: Connect Micro:bit to Audio Speaker

Step 15: Extend Pin1 Onto Guitar Neck

Step 16: Viola! You're Done!

Step 17: THE END!

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