Introduction: Micro:bit Drawbot

About: Un espacio maker trabajando con la ciudadanía y el barrio. Con la intención de acercar las nuevas tecnologías a todo el mundo.

With the :MOVE mini buggy kit for micro:bit we have a movable robot and we can code to draw.


- :MOVE mini buggy kit

- micro:bit

- ink pencil

- computer with internet access

Step 1: Pedagogical and Maker Objectives


- Learn to code with blocks (makecode).
- Learn to 2D Draw.
- Advance in coding to achieve challenges.


- Built a little robot with the micro:bit (is a pocket-sized codeable computer with motion detection, a built-in compass, LED display, and Bluetooth technology built in).
- A fun introduction to the world of DiWO robotics.
- Creativity.

Step 2: Step by Step

1- Unpacking the :move (:move mini is a 2 wheeled robot that is suitable for autonomous operation, remote control projects via a bluetooth application or being controlled using a second micro:bit as a controller via the microbits radio functionality).

2- It requires mechanical assembly.

3- Add code for autonomous operation.

4- Attaching a pen and code the robot to draw shapes.

5- Put some challenges to advance in coding (draw a triangle or draw a cercle...).

6- (Add-on) We can use in conjunction with the free micro:bit Android App and control it over Bluetooth.

7- (Add-on) We can use the radio function and a second micro:bit as a controller.

Step 3: Credits