Introduction: Micro:bit Klooikoffer (mess-around-case)

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As a pilot our library is renting out Micro:bitsklooikoffers, which I think is really cool! The Klooikoffers are supplied by Conrad, but they come in a cardboard box. To make the Klooikoffers suitable to be rented out, we have made some changes :) And since koffer means suitcase, we wanted it to look like a suitcase.

Step 1: Find/buy a Case That Suits Your Needs

We preferred a transparant case, that can showcase both the booklet with instructions and the microbit itself.

We've found a local supplier in the Netherlands, but I think you can find a supplier anywhere :)

The case we bought is the Durio, with inner dimensions being 314*218*57mm.

Step 2: Print, Cut, Laminate and Prepare the Paperbits

The Klooikoffer (No.7: expedition microbit) comes with a small book and a reference to paperbits that you can print yourself. After applying copper tape the paperbits are small circuits.

We've decided to print the paperbits (scaled 108% when printed on A4), cut them, laminate them and add the copper tape to the laminated versions. Now people don't have to print and cut the paperbits themselves, but more important: it will save a lot of (expensive) copper tape.

Step 3: Lasercut the Inlay

Since we made 20 cases, we bought 3 layers of foam (2cm thick) (sourced locally as well) that were already cut to the right size, so we only had to engrave text and cut the shaped holes.

Layer 1 only has text for the 2nd layer (made with Hershey text in Inkscape for the nicest result)

Layer 2 has 2 big holes for the paperbits and the wires and has text for the 3rd layer

Layer 3 has small holes for the components

The smallest components (leds, piezo and ldr) are pinned into the foam to make their storage easier.

Glue the layers on top of each other (i used spray on glue) and add a 2 small strips of foam on the left side of the booklet to make sure the booklet remains on its place.


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