Micro:bit MU Vision Sensor - Installed on Smart Car

Introduction: Micro:bit MU Vision Sensor - Installed on Smart Car

This is a guide on how to install the MU vision sensor on the Smart Car we build in this instructable.

While this guide show you how to install a MU vision sensor you can also follow it to install all other kind of sensors.

I had a 2 axis camera mount laying around that I used, but these are also pretty easy to build yourself. I might show that in a latter instructable.



1 x MU vision sensor

1 x Smar Car

1 x 2 axis camera mount

Velcro tape (Hook and loop)

2 x M3 x 6 screws

2 x M3 Spacer

2 x M3 nuts

Hot glue




Hot glue gun


2.5 and 3 mm drill bits

Step 1: Prepare the Mount Bracket

First use the wirecutter to cut of the two pieces of plastic that would normally hold the camera.

Step 2: Drill Holes and Install Camera

Drill a small 3 mm hole in the top right corner. Then use a screw, spacer and nut to mount one corner of the MU sensor.

Use the hole in MU sensors top left corner to drill a 2 mm hole. Then move the MU sensor and redrill the hole with a 3 mm drill.

Then use another screw, spacer and nut to finish installing the MU sensor.

Step 3: Reinstalling the Caster Wheel

First unscrew the caster wheel.

Then glue the caster wheel back on, by using plenty of hotglue. Hot glue wont stick to the metal of the caster, so it is importent that you use lots of hot glue. Bury the base of the caster wheel in it.

This might seem like it go against my general philosophy of making items so that as much as possible can be reused for further projects, but since the glue doesn't stick to the caster wheel it is pretty easy to reuse it. If you want to use it for another project latter, then you can just jank it out.

Step 4: Add Velcro

Put two pieces of velcro loop tape on the smart car and two pieces of velcro hook tape on the mount bracket.

Step 5: Finish

Now you can use the velcro to install the mount bracket and MU vision sensor on the smart car. The wiring will depend on what projects you want to make. Hopefully I will get time to show a few different ideas.

The velcro allows you to change the MU vision sensor with other sensors or items you want to install on your smart car in futher projects.

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