Introduction: Micro:bit MU Vision Sensor - AP Wifi

The MU Vision sensor have two wifi modes. AP mode were the MU vision sensor makes it own wifi network that you can log on to with a computer and the STA mode were the MU vision sensor logs on to another wifi network and streams. On top of that the MU vision sensor can either send data or stream video.

For the AP mode we will go through here you don't actuelly need a micro:bit, nor do you need to code anything. You just need a 5 volt power supply and setup your MU vision sensor and computer properly.

I think it is importent to mention the 5 volt. The MU vision sensor can normally run on 3.3 volt supplied through the micro:bit, but the wifi function uses a lot of power, so you need to supply power from a 5 volt source. Using the wifi function will also make the MU vision sensor slightly hot, but according to the manufacture it wont become warm enough to break, so there is no need for a cooling element.


1 x MU Vision sensor

1 x 5 volt power supply. I will again use my elecfreaks motorbit, with a 9 volt battery, because I like that board and it can provide 5 volt.

Step 1: Setting Up the Sensor

Before we start connecting anything we want to setup the sensor.

The Mu Vision sensor have 4 switches. The two on the left decides its output mode and the two one the right decides its address. The adress is not importent, since we are not connecting the MU vision sensor to a micro:bit.

The different output modes are:


01 I2C

10 Wifi data tansmission

11 Wifi video transmission

We want to transmit video, so the two switches should be on 11,which means that both should be turned on.

Step 2: Wiring

Connect your MU vision sensor to the 5 volt power source.

That is all the wiring you need to do.

Step 3: Connect Your Computer to the MU Wifi Network

A few seconds after you have connected the MU vision sensor to a 5 volt power supply, the MU vision sensor should have made its own wifi network. The first part of the network name will be MORPX-MU. The network is unsecure and doesn't demand a code. Connect your computer to it.

Step 4: The Interface Wepage

Now open a chrome or safari browser and write in the navigationbar. That should take your browser to a interface webpage for the MU vision sensor. Here you can see the video streamed from the MU vision sensor and a number of command button to control any micro:bit connected to the MU vision sensor. Currently most of the command buttons doesn't work, but you can still zoom in and out.