Introduction: Microphone Stand - Ceiling Suspension

I want to share my PVC microphone ceiling mount. I was unable to find unable to find any real guides on how to do this step-by-step so I set out to do it on my own. All in all, this project took about 4 hours from concept to finished product when I include the shopping trip. Products to make 1 stand include 10' PVC 1/2", Flange 1/2" and a couple screws (size varies), 5' Pex Pipe 1/2", 2x 1/2" Male Thread PVC Coupling, 1x T Section (threaded on the T), 2x End Caps 1/2", PVC Cement & Black Flat Paint/Primer Tools used: Drill with various drill bit sizes, Dremel Tool, PVC Pipe Cutter, Safety Goggles!

Step 1: Step 1: List of Items

Things to buy...

1/2" Floor Flange - $7

1/2" PVC Pipe 10' - $2

1/2" PVC Male Coupler x2 - $1.50

1/2" T Section Female Threaded - $1

PVC Cement - $4

#14 Screws - $1

Black Spray Paint - $3

Step 2: Step 2: Connect Your Pieces

Cut and attach pieces of PVC.
You have to measure the main pole to your desired height. Mine were 24" in length. Connected with the 1/2" male adapters and with the T Section it extended a bit further and that was how far I wanted my mics to hang down. The T Sections that are at the bottom can be of your desired length. Make sure that if you are doing 2 microphones these pieces are of equal length to give it balance. Otherwise, if you are only doing 1 microphone, make the arm shorter to keep the balance closer to the center.

Step 3: Step 3: Drill Holes

Now, drill a hole in the bottom piece. You can use a 1/2" drill bit and then widen the hole with a rotary tool.

Step 4: Step 4: Assemble Mic Clip

Take your mic clip and screw it onto the 1/2" Pex pipe. It will take a little time to do, but you will eventually get it to thread onto the piping.

Once it is on there tight, measure a 1/2" from the clip and cut the excess Pex pipe off. You now have your clip insert.

Step 5: Step 5: Glue Pieces

Glue your pieces on with your PVC Cement.

Step 6: Step 6: Screw in Flange

Find your studs in the ceiling and screw the flange in. I used #14 screws.

Step 7: Step 7: Paint

Slap a coat of paint on your assembled pieces! That's it!