Introduction: Microphone Stand

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I have been working on a pvc based drill press when it hit me that all I had to do is remove my drill press jig and just slide a pvc tube over the existing set up and I had a microphone stand! You could add more tweaks to it but this is the most basic setup and it only requires 6 parts (not including microphone) and can be made in minutes.

Update to the update: will be adding wheels and setting the amp on the stand to make a complete semi- portable unit.

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Step 1: Parts Needed and Tools.

1 - Board to use as a base 1 ft by 2 ft by 3/4 inch or so.
1 - 4 ft or so a pvc pipe
1 - 4 ft or so of slightly larger diameter pvc that will slide over the first pipe
1  pvc tee (an angled one is better. just used what was lying around.)
1 - 5 inch length pvc that will fit into the pvc tee center.
1  pipe clamp that will fit around the first pvc pipe.
1  dollop glue.

1 drill and drill bit to make a hole for the smaller pvc to fit into the wood.
1 screwdriver to tighten up the hose clamp.
1 measuring tape.
1 hack saw if needed.

Step 2: Make the Base.

Normally, I would drill the whole in the middle but, in this case I also use the base for my pvc drill stand so it is to one side. So drill a whole the size of the outside circumference of the thinner pipe. you want this pretty snug. put minimal amount of glue on the wood where the pipe fits in and on that pipe end going into the hole. You might want to elevate the base so the glue does not seep out and the board is glued to what ever it is on. Give it time to drill well.

Step 3: Drill Press.

The drill press setup i was working on using the same base. it was not finished yet at this point. Still proto-typing. It looks totally different now.

Step 4: Put It All Together.

Put the pipe clamp on the base. Add the short pvc pipe to the tee. put the larger pvc pipe on the base. Put the tee in the larger pipe.

Step 5: Update:

Alternative mic holder:
Just needed another short piece of 1/2 in and an angled elbow.

Step 6: Finished.

Now go hook it all up to your amp and have fun! Remember you can adjust the height by moving the clamp to the appropriate point.

Step 7: Try This Too.

Combine pvc and wood to make your own bookshelf. This one is a Salvador Dali inspiration. Dowels are used to keep the shelfs level.

Step 8: Coming Soon:

Pvc hand drill with a compartment for bits. The top and center swivel for ease of use.
Update: instructable done.