Introduction: Microsoft Sync Second or Alternate USB Port "USB2" (2010 Focus)

This describes how to find and use the 2nd USB port "USB2" in a 2010 Ford Focus Microsoft Sync equipped vehicle.  Many other step-by-steps exist, but I often found them confusing and the photo documentation is horrible.  I spent extra time making sure that the whole process and more importantly the location is pictured and described well.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

Step 2: Remove Glove Box

It is impossible to get to the port (in the case of the Focus) without removing the glove box.  Use the 9/32 nut driver to remove the three (3) screws along the bottom of the glove box.

Step 3: Poke Head Into Glove Box Hole

This is the hard part if you are big.  You have to contort yourself in such away to be able to look at the back of the dash (i.e. front passages seat).

The other pictures in this step are not necessary to install the “USB 2” cable, but helps with understanding the location. You do not have to remove the dash as displayed in the following photos.

Step 4: Prepare to Plug-in

Step 5: Plug-in (Helpful Tip/Picture)

You have to do this blind, so this is an helpful tip/picture.  Make sure to orient the wide portion of the male mini-USB towards the back of the vehicle.  If you get a similar cable to the one described, it will give you enough slack for a flat hard drive, phone, etc... to rest in the glove box.

Plug it all in, Turn on the vehicle and say "USB two".

You are GTG!

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