Introduction: Microwave Meringues - 3 Ingredients / 2 Minutes Recipe

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Microwave Meringues

It is so delicious,easy to make and time consuming recipe.

You can make these meringues less than 2 minutes.

The texture is crispy and it just melt in your mouth.

Please try this recipe and share your feedback. Thank you.

Yield: 15 Meringues

Step 1: Ingredients

300 g of Icing Sugar

1 Egg white

1 tbsp of Cashew, crushed

Step 2: Mix All Ingredients!

Add Icing sugar, cashews and egg white in a bowl.

Mix it all well using hand.

Mix, mix, mix until it become thick and pliable consistency. (Add some more icing sugar if necessary)

Step 3: Microwave!

Now roll them into small balls.

Line a plate with kitchen paper and place 4 balls on it. (microwave in batchwise, 4 or 3 balls at a time. leave some space inbetween 2 balls, so that it wont stick to each other)

Microwave it on high for 1 1/2 minutes. It will become flatten and puff into meringue.

Step 4: Serve!

when they are cool, serve these with desserts.


*Crush some meringue and sprinkle it on icecreams or fruits salads.

*Make sandwich meringue with whipped cream and fruits

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