Introduction: Microwave S'mores!

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When most people think of S'mores, they think of the warm chocolate and marshmallow taste while sitting around a campfire.  Not everybody enjoys camping, so unfortunately for them, they might not get to enjoy the wonderful taste of S'mores.  With this recipe, you can enjoy S'mores anywhere that you have access to a microwave even in the dead of winter!

Although S'mores around a campfire are fun, it can be even more fun to enjoy s'mores while watching a movie, or sitting out on your deck.  My microwavable S'mores make having S'mores even more fun because you can enjoy them where there is no campfire!

I was inspired to make this because....

- I wanted to find a way to have s'mores in the winter
- I absolutely love s'mores and now I can enjoy them even more!
- I wanted to extend the capabilities of my microwave!

Some great things about my s'mores are....

- They can be enjoyed just about anywhere.
- They take a shorter period of time to make then regular s'mores.
- They are delicious!

Step 1: Materials

You will need...

- A graham cracker
- A Hershey's chocolate bar
- A big marshmallow
- A plate to serve it on


- A microwave

Step 2: Melting the Mallow!

Like most microwave recipes, the time to cook the marshmallow in your microwave varies from microwave to microwave, but a good time to cook it for is about 30 seconds.  If you take your marshmallow out and it is too gushy then you may want to try 25 seconds, or if it didn't melt enough you may want to add time.  It shouldn't take awhile, but eventually, you will find the perfect time (mine was perfect at thirty seconds).  If your marshmallow grows in size while in the microwave, it is okay, just let the timer end.

When your marshmallow is nice and melty, you are ready to move on to the next step!

Step 3: Assembling the S'more!

Now that your marshmallow has melted, you are going the want to break off a piece of your chocolate bar.  Working quickly so your marshmallow is still warm, break the graham cracker in half and squish together the marshmallow and chocolate between the two pieces of your graham cracker.  You may need to wait for the marshmallow to cool down before eating it. 

Now, you can dig in and enjoy the delicious taste of S'mores as a blizzard is dropping six feet of snow on your house outside!

Step 4: Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed making your very own microwavable s'mores right in your microwave!  Don't wait until you go camping to enjoy S'mores, and just make them right in your kitchen!  Questions and Comments are appreciated so please post them below!  Thanks!

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