Introduction: Microwave Potato

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It's around 6 'o clock at night. A familiar craving hits your stomach. You've ignored it for weeks, but tonight you just can't shake it. You want a potato. More than anything in the world, you want a potato right now. And you will have it. I will show you how you can have your potato in under 20 minutes time.

Step 1: Wash It!

First you need to wash your potato. This ensures you get any residual dirt off the skin of the potato and keeps you from getting sick from said dirt. To wash it, just run it under some cold water and scrub it gently. You don't need to go crazy on this step.

Step 2: Prepare It! - Phase One

Get a fork and poke a ring off holes around the circumference of your potato on the longest side. These holes should be as deep as your fork's length. The reason you do this is to let moisture from the potato escape and keep it from exploding in the microwave. Also, they help you cut your potato later on.

Step 3: Cook It!

Place your potato in your microwave on a plate of some sort. Set the timer to six minutes on high power. Once it's done, flip your potato over and cook it for six more minutes. After it's done cooking, take it out of the microwave. Be careful, it's hot. By the way, most microwaves differ, so you are going to want to check your potato every 3 minutes or so by stabbing it with a knife and checking for resistance. You have PKM to thank for this helpful information.

Step 4: Prepare It! - Phase Two

Now that your potato is nice and cooked, you are going to want to get it ready to eat. First, you should cut it in half along the lines you poked earlier. Next, you need to crush it up a bit so you can eat it easier. Then you should add salt and butter. Last, add whatever toppings you'd like. These could be anything from sour cream to bacon bits. I myself prefer it with just salt and butter, but most people like more.

Step 5: Eat It!

Mmm-mmm. Tasty. That potato sure hit the spot. Now that your cravings have subsided, you can finally create that perpetual motion machine you've been thinking about. Or whatever project you've been working on. Make sure to enjoy that potato, though.
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