Introduction: Microwaved Zucchini Chips

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So before you blow me off and think, "What?  How can that possibly taste good?"  Go with me on this....

I have tried - many times - to make baked zucchini chips. 
I don't know why it seems I can't get that recipe right, but when I found this recipe for microwaved zucchini chips, I have not gone back to trying, and sometimes failing, at making the baked ones.

These little crunchy chip devils are so perfectly right, that I don't even think I'm eating zucchini, but that's me.

So a few disclaimers/hints before I begin -
(1) These can burn up pretty quick in the microwave.  The first batch has to be watched carefully while to determine the right amount of time needed in your microwave to make them perfect.
(2) Although each batch only takes about 5-minutes to prepare, an entire zucchini takes about 20-minutes if you have only one microwave like me.
(3) Don't over-salt.  Let me repeat that: DON'T OVER SALT! You can always add more later.

Prep Time: Each Zucchini takes about 7-10-minutes to slice
Microwave time: Each plate takes less than 5-minutes to crisp up, but the entire zucchini will take about 20-minutes

  • one (maybe two if you're like me) medium to large zucchini's
  • cooking spray
  • salt (I use sea salt)

  • a mandolin (or other slicing device for perfectly even slices)
  • paper towels
  • microwave safe plate
  • pot holder

  • All mandolins are not made the same.  I use the second setting of my six-setting mandolin to cut the slices out.  My slices are about the thickness of a dime.  Thicker slices will need to cook longer.
  • Place the slices on a paper towel and press another paper towel on top to remove excess moisture.
  • Prepare the plate (or plates if you want to be efficient) by spraying a light coating of oil on it.
  • Place the zucchini slices, sides touching, on the plate.
  • Spray oil over the top of the zucchini slices.
  • Sprinkle a dash of salt over the top.  Please don't over do it!  The zucchini shrinks significantly and over salty chips don't taste good!  (You can always add salt later if you want to.)

  • The first batch needs to be watched carefully to determine the amount of time it takes to bake these chips in your microwave.  In my 1200-watt microwave, it takes anywhere from three and one-half minutes (3-1/2) to four (4) minutes on high (or 100%).
  • I would start out at 3-1/2 minutes and add 10-second increments for the first batch.
  • The less zucchini on the plate, the faster the entire plate will cook.
  • Thicker slices will need to cook longer, but probably not longer than 5-minutes.
  • Use a potholder to take the plate out of the microwave, as it will be hot!

You're looking for a browned surface that is crispy to the touch.

I hope you enjoy these like I do!  They really have become a staple in my home to eat as a snack.  The oil can make them greasy if eaten the next day, and I've never consumed them more than one day later so I can't say how long they last. 

I know they don't last long in my house because they all get eaten up!
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