Introduction: Mid Century Sunburst Mirror

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I love this so much! This Modern Mid Century Sunburst Mirror is by far my most favorite DIY I have ever made!

It is easy AND cheap to make, using your Glue Gun it takes just 1 hour and cost $10 or less!

Step 1: Supplies

I went to the Dollar store (the Greek version were nothing is 1 euro, hehe) for most of the items.

Make Up Mirror 5" or 13cm round

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

From the Hardware Store

Zip Ties (2 different sizes, 110 pieces 4" or 10cm, 60 pieces 8" or 20cm

Gold Acrylic Spray Paint

Step 2: Prep

Plug in your Glue Gun (read the instructions for how long it needs to warm up, mine was for 5 minutes)

Clean your mirror of any dust

Then tape around the interior of the mirror and place a piece of cardboard to protect the mirror for when you spray paint it.

Plan how you want to place your Zip Ties before you start gluing, you can see my tips and how I glued mine in the next step.

Step 3: Start Glueing

Have your glue gun to the side, squirt a little drop on the the zip tie with out picking up the glue gun and press the glued zip tie down on the back of the mirror.

1st Row: The first row uses the small zip ties all around the inner lip on the back of the mirror.

Go all the way around with the smaller zip ties and after you finish clean up all the little glue hairs left behind ;)

2nd Row: Place the zip ties right behind the first row, every 3 or so, of a longer zip tie size.

3rd Row: Place the longer zip tie a little toward the interior of the back of the mirror, so that those zip ties lie in between the first row and the second (see the last photo for notes and to get an idea of how I hot glued everything down)

TIP: In the last photo you can see the final gluing, I Hot Glued over all of the rows at the edge of the mirror on top of Rows 1 and 2 with more Hot Glue. This ended up being a good idea since a few weeks later one zip tie from the Third row lifted up, but since I had glued all the rows together at the edge, it did not fall off. I just put a dab more of hot glue on the lifted one and it was as good as new.

Step 4: Admire Your Sunburst

Admire your Sunburst and see how pretty it is and remove any little cobwebby glue (see last photo) before spray painting.

Step 5: Add Some GOLD

I don't wear gold jewelry, but now I want to spray paint everything gold!

Please be sure to be in a ventilated space if you decide to spray inside, but it is preferable to do this outside and cover the ground with cardboard or a plastic bag, so as not to get any of the color on the ground.

Spray the back, following the directions on the can, allow to dry.

Then flip over and Spray the front, I sprayed the back only once and the front 3 times.

Step 6: Let's Make Things Bling

Of course you could hang this on your wall, but I thought it would be more photogenic for me to bling out my Vespa!

The Meteora rocks got a little jealous so I let them enjoy the rocked out Sunburst mirror a little bit as well.

Step 7: Got 4 Hands/aka. a Helper

Just in case you have a helper the hot glue part can go even faster.

One person can run a bead of glue along the back side of the mirror as the second person places the zip ties down.

I found this technique difficult to do as a single worker, because by the time I put the glue gun down and then picked up a zip tie, the glue had already dried, so this is why I show the technique used in Step 3, were you do not pick up the glue gun, you just dab a squirt of glue on the end of the zip tie and then place it down on the back of the mirror, working one zip tie at a time.

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