Introduction: Mid Sized Survival Kit.

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Today i will be showing you how to make a mid sized survival box.

Step 1: Inside the Box!

whats inside:
-mini first aid kit (on my acount for details)
-mini bandaid kit (on my acount for details)
-solar charger
-matches in a bottle (on my acount for details)
-swiss army knife

Step 2: Matches!

Matches are a great fire starter.
there also esential for survival so if you wish to find out how to make my bottle matches just go to my acount.

Step 3: Solar Charger!

Your in the jungle and your phone is dead. You need your phone to contact help.

So its a great idea investing in a solar portable charger for around $30

Step 4: My Mini First Aid Kits!

These are great to put in your pocket while scavenging for food or sticks.

If you want to learn how to make these just find them in my acount.

Step 5: Tools!

These are great for cutting and most things in the wilderness. the bear gryls cost about $20 while the swiss arny knife is 4 generations old in my family so im not too sure.

Step 6: Hygiene!

toothe paste and tissues are a must have. in any survival situation you dont want your teath hurting and being unable to chew.

Hint! get a clove toothpaste to stop pain in the mouth and jaw!

Step 7: Thats All!

I guess this was just a quick guide on what to put in a small survival box.
Feel free to ask any questions.

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