Middle Earth Toilets

Introduction: Middle Earth Toilets

Toilets are the best place to travel, here a map of the lord of the ring


Paper rope pencil marker painting

Step 1: Choose the Map and Prepare It to the Wall

First take all the measures of the walls of the toilet space, height, width etc. then put them on a piece of paper.
Then, use a computer with layout software to scale up the measurements you have taken. Then import the card you want to reproduce on your wall.
Finally, draw vertical and horizontal lines at the same distance to create a squaring of edges that will be used to reproduce the scale map on the wall

Step 2: Prepare the Walls for the Grid

Clean the wall to be painted, recap the holes if necessary, put a white paint after. Let dry. Put a color painting of your choice of old map (yellow/beige)

then wall by wall, postpone the grid not with a pen but with string and tape at the top and bottom And right and left to reform the drawing grid

Step 3: Draw the Map on the Wall

Use a pencil to draw square by square the drawings of the map on the wall

Step 4: The Map Drawing Is Done

The map is now drawn on the wall with a pencil you can remove all the string that formed the grid

Step 5: Painting the Map

You can now use a Poska paint pen to draw again the pencil and reveal the map of your choice !

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