Middle Eastern Tacos

Introduction: Middle Eastern Tacos

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I enjoy taking one cultures ideas and thoughts on cuisine and transferring it over to another cultures food. These falafel tacos were an I idea at I had at work. I love falafel, I love tacos. I should love Mideast Tacos. This is a quick and cheap meal. For the price and time of a fast food meal you could eat this instead. It's healthy, delicious and interesting.

Step 1: Ingredients

All ingredients hoarded from my local Trader Joe's.


Falafel $2.99
Pita bread $1.99
Yogurt Dip $1.99
Broccoli Slaw $2.49
Tomato $0.69

Suggested Sides:

Balela (chick pea salad) $1.99
Tabouli (CousCous salad) $2.29
Hummus (uh Duh, where have you been?) $1.99
Pita Chips $1.99

For less than 10 dollars you can make an interesting meal for 3-4 in under 10 minutes. Prices are close estimates. I lost my receipt, but come on, its Trader Joe's, the 2 dollar store.

Step 2: Preperation

Start by chopping up the tomato. Next cut your pita bread in half and gently pry open a pocket. Liberally spread some yogurt dressing into the pita pocket.  Then take a large handful of broccoli slaw and mix with yogurt dressing. The yogurt dressing will spead better if left out for a little while or mixed with sourcream. Use your hands and mash it all together. I've place/jammed/crammed a small amount of broccoli slaw at the bottom of the pita pocket to act as a bed for the falafel.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Ok, now that everything is prepped, go ahead and heat up the falafel. Cover with a damp cloth and nuke for about 3 minutes. After they're good and steamy, we are going to slice them in half. Each pita pocket will hold 2 Falafel balls. Place them(falafel halves) on top of the boccoli bedding. Add a little more Broccoli(I know crazy healthy-but it tastes good) like its make believe lettuce on a taco. Last step on my tacos is Tomato. Lots of tomato. Whatever lycopene is, we've got it here. Throw it on a plate and you're done. For a real fancy touch, you could garnish the Balela(Chick Pea Salad) with some curly parsley. As a bonus for making a healthy dinner, I'll be giving away a 3 Month Pro membership to the first picture as proof of making this. I hope you enjoyed your economical and healthy dinner or Lunch!

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    Oh they are. And pretty nutritious.