Introduction: MidiBastl DIN Sync Mod!

So, you want to use everybody's favorite tool to sync electronic instruments, Midi Bastl, with DIN sync. There is a simple way to make this happen!

All you need are couple of tools and in around 30 minutes you are done.

You'll need:

  1. Soldering iron with solder
  2. Two pieces of wire
  3. Female MIDI connector for PCB and plastic front panel
  4. OPTIONAL Power jack and a drill with 8mm bit (if you want to use MidiBastl as a standalone thing without power provided through the side connector by other Trinity thing).

and pliers...

And that's about it! Let's get started!

Step 1: Midi Connector

First, you have to solder Midi connector for output to the PCB.

If you are modding your already assembled MidiBastl, you have to remove audio jack first. Desolder it, or be destructive and cut/crush it out with pliers.

There's a small hitch: connector you are about to solder does not fit onto board, because there is extra plastic leg in the middle, exactly where socket for Attiny is already placed. So grab those pliers and get rid of it!

Now put it in place and solder it onto board.

Step 2: Drill Time

Use drill to cut hole into plastic cover. It does not care which one it will be, they are symmetric. Just make sure you'll pick right spot for hole, so power jack will not interfere with parts inside.

8mm drill bit for wood is recommended.

Step 3: Secure Power Jack

Put jack into hole you've just made and secure it with screw.

Step 4: Solder

Solder wires to power jack. Soldering pad on top is positive and one just bellow it is negative.

Step 5: Solder Wires to Board.

Final soldering part: Solder wires from power jack to board. There are two holes on left side of board. One round marked as 9V and second square one with - (minus) mark. Solder ground to minus and positive wire to 9V.

Length of wires should be reasonable.

Step 6: Put Together and Profit!

And there you go! Plug Midi Bastl into your gear of choice and rock your socks off!