Introduction: MidiMatrix - Broadcast Your Name Whilst Performing

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You can't miss a LED Matrix displaying messages. It's an excellent way of broadcasting your name/website/instagram etc. whilst gigging. In addition to displaying scrolling messages, this design syncs to a MIDI clock displaying animations in a 4/4 beat fashion. 4 RGB LEDs change colour at random interval to attract even more attention.

Step 1: Putting It Together | Diagram & Arduino Sketch

The MidiMatrix is based on the Arduino Nano.
Please see attached Diagram, Components and Arduino Sketch.

Step 2: Putting It Together | Printed Circuit Board & Front Panel

The design is nice and simple. Have a look at the attached PCB .pdf; all wiring is shown here.
Once you completed the circuit board, it's time to put PCB plus Matrix in a box. Print the frontpanel pages out to actual size on A4 sticky peel self adhesive paper.

Step 3: See It at Work and Customize Your Messages

Video 1 - Modes & Selecting Messages (no sound)
0:00-0:21 - Message only. Switching from Message #1 to #3.0:21-0:50 - MIDI only.0:50-1:57 - Auto-alternate between MIDI only and Message only (30 sec. interval).

Video 2 - Gigging impression
0:00-0:15 - Message only Mode.0:15-0:51 - Switiching to MIDI only. The MidiMatrix automatically switches to MIDI only mode right after it finishes the scrolling message at 0:25 (the hi-hat kicking in is coincidental).0:51-1:35 - Switching to MSG/MIDI mode. Here, the MidiMatrix automatically alternates between MSG- and MIDI- mode.

Coding your own messages is easy. See attached code snippet; just open the Arduino sketch with the Arduino Software (IDE) and edit any of the three defaults messages ("Text Message 1", "Text Message 2", "Text Message 3").

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