Introduction: Mig Set Up

first you turn the welder on

Step 1:

then you turn you gas on. But it depends the type of mixture the gas is most of the time it will be 75 argon and 25 carbon you can get different mixture it just depends on what getting welded. then adjust the psi to were you want it

Step 2: Ground the Ground

Next put the ground on the a table or on what needs too be welded. If it on rust or paint make sure you get that rust or paint off cause sometimes it wont get a good connection

Step 3: Volts and Amps

Next thing that has to be done is adjusting the wire speed and the volts . The most common setting is 320 wire speed and 18.5 or 19.5 as the volts just make sure if speed is you friend put it up a bit more

Step 4: Last Step

when that all done this is what it looks like when its all set up