Introduction: Mighty Mini Fog Maker

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Here is an easy mini fog maker that produces mighty results!

Step 1: What You Need

1. Coffee Can (large size)
2. PC Fan - I used a 60mm
3. 9 Volt Battery and clip
4. Hose. I used a section of pool hose
5. Dry Ice and water

Step 2: Prepare the Fan Blower

Lay out the computer fan on the top of the coffee can and draw a mark around it. Cut the top just inside the mark. Using hot glue or other epoxy, glue the fan to the top with the air flow facing inside the can. Add the 9-volt battery clip to the fan.

Step 3: Add the Hose

Make a mark at the top of the can using the hose as a guide. Cut out the hole in the can using whatever tools work. I used metal shears and then a Dremel to round it out. Squeeze in the hose or use hot glue to secure it. It should be a tight fit.

Step 4: Make Some Fog!

Break off a chunk of dry-ice. Heat some water in whatever method you prefer. Plug in the 9volt battery to the clip. Add the hot water to the can, drop in the dry-ice and quickly cover the top.

You've now made some mighty fog! I hope you enjoyed this Instructable!
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Note: Always use gloves when handling dry-ice. Always use in a well-ventilated area. For those of you concerned about heating water in a microwave, read this