Introduction: Mild Steel-robo

This robo is designed for the robo war. It's structure is made up of mild steel totally metallic body.....

Ist waight is around 25 kg. It has one wapon called rotation drum..... Here we use momentum..... By making drum waight around 5kg nd giving it high velocity by high torque dc motor, which positively destroy the otger robo during war by transferring momentum during collision ?.

The controls are totally wireless, here we use fsi6 transmitter and fsct6b reciver...

We havw also use apm. 2.8 as a controle bord

Step 1: Selection of Components

Getting all required components as mentioned in pdf...

Check here working and calibrations..

Step 2: Programming Part

Calibration and programming of apm and Esc.

Step 3: Caches - Body Base of Robot

Creating basic structure of Robot by cutting metal sheet.

Then joining by welding the metal in the required shape

After welding removal of slag and granding.

Step 4: Electronic Setup - Soldering

Soldering the bullet connecter to motor

And xt60 to battery input plug and motors connectors etc.

Step 5: Creating Rotating Drum As Wapon for Robo War

We have waded a metallic strip at the two adjacent side of circuit cylindrical metallic pipe and hold it with metal Base which have ball baring at the two adjacent ends of cylinder which is fixed on solid metal axis. At one end we have also fixed a metallic gyre which is connected to motor through timing chain...

Step 6: Install the Moto and Othere Relatives

Motors are fixed to there respective position as shown in pictures one is for drum and other is for motion of robo..... Apm, esc, battry, power module, gps, all the components are fixed to there position as you can see in the picture

Step 7: Final Panting Finishing....

Painting is done by removing or covering electronic components. After drying the components or fixed

Checking for any defects is important part...... Like wiring, connection.... Etc

Step 8: Testing and Checking.

The last step is to check the working of robo.

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