Introduction: Milk Bottle Seed Starter / Miniature Greenhouse

Don’t throw out your milk bottle and reuse it instead to make a seed starter/ miniature greenhouse. As you know so much plastic waste is added to the land fills and even the oceans. One cannot help but to think about how our everyday products impact the environment. If every single consumer thought about this and took some action on how they can personally lessen their contribution to waste, then I feel a difference can be made.


plastic milk bottle (washed and rinsed out)

box cutter

4 water bottles (washed and rinsed out)

Step 1: Some Quick Cuts

I put some dashed lines on the bottle to demonstrate where to cut with the box cutter so you can get an idea of where to cut. The basic idea is we are making a hinged top half of the bottle.

Step 2: More Cuts

Cut the water bottle as shown in the photo. Once you have cut the bottle turn over and cut a drainage hole in the bottom.

Step 3: Place the Water Bottles

Four water bottles will fit in one milk bottle. Add your choice of potting soil or other growing medium. Add seeds, water and close the top half into the bottom half of the milk bottle. This provides a good enough seal to germinate the seeds.

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