Introduction: Milk Bottle Swing (for People With Arthritis)

This machine is built to help people with arthritis pour milk into a bowl easier and more efficient by creating a machine that would help them. The main material that is being used in this machine is wood and fabrics. The simple machines that are being used wheel and axel used through nuts and bolts. The machine's function is the upper or the bar would be stuck on a wall and the bottom or the basket would be hanging from the bar. Then the user would put the large milk bottle into the basket and lock the milk bottle with the two seatbelts like machines. The user would use the handle placed on the basket to pour the milk into the container.


Equipment needed:

  • drill
  • ropes
  • nuts and bolts
  • saw
  • ruler
  • wood
  • nail gun
  • scissor
  • pencil
  • Flexi ply
  • velcro
  • plywood
  • wood glue

Step 1: Step 1 - Wood Cutting

1. get 0.5 cm, and 1cm thickness of ply wood

2. get 0.3 thickness of flexi ply

3. draw every pieces on to one of the thickness of wood as labeled

4. cut and drill every pieces out just like what you drew on the wood

5. label all the pieces with the name provided

6. do not sand the wood

Step 2: Drilling and Sanding

1. gather all the pieces with the a small circle drew on it

2. get a 0.05 diameter drill

3. drill a hole in all the circle sketches including the flexi ply

4. get the piece that is labeled bar and 22.5 cm long and sand into and angle that is able to fits on the bar angle

Step 3: Assembling All the Pieces

1. get the wood glue and a nail gun

2. start with the milk basket get the 1cm base piece or labeled as bottom panel and get all the pieces that is labeled side panels

3. get the wood glue and nail gun

4. paste the wood glue on all four sides of the base panels and get slowly add the side panels onto the glued areas

5. nail all the pieces together using the nail guns

6. get all the pieces labeled bar and assemble it according to the picture shown above starting with glueing all the sides then nail gunning the pieces in together

7. gather all the flexi ply that is drilled and cutted out and also nuts and bolts

8. get the flexi pli that is labeled seatbelt and make a bridge using it over the basket as shown then roll the nuts and bolts through the two sides holes, not the middle hole the nuts and bolts should be exactly 1 cm so the milk bottle can fit through into the basket

9. glue the smaller piece labeled seat belt but 9 cm on to the big seat belt making a hole large enough for the cap of the milk bottle to go through along whit the velcro

10. get the other piece that is labeled handle and put the nuts and bolts through the hole connecting basket with the handle the handle should be on one of the side panels without the holes

11. now gather the strings and tie them to the nuts and bolts on the bar and on the middle hole on the basket basket, the ropes must be the same length