Introduction: Milk Bottles Case From Scrap

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My name is George and I am from Greece.My wife always buys fresh milk in our glass bottles from a local shop but one day while she was driving home with the kids, she took them from school, one litre of milk spilled in the front passenger's floor. All the milk went under the carpet at the insulation. You can imagine the mess! I had to do something so it would not happen again and I made this bottles case!


5mm diameter iron rods, holed iron plate, 8mm stainless steel tube, leaves and flower for decoration, electric weld and paints.

Step 1: Making One Circle From Lines

First of all we should make the circles that will hold the bottles. They should be a little bit bigger than the bottle. I found a pipe that fits, about 90mm. I placed the iron rod on the pipe and twisted it.

Step 2: Making Two Circles

As soon as we make the first circle, we make the second circle on the pipe again.

Step 3: Weld and Cut

Now we have to weld the circles and cut the execive iron rod.

Step 4: Adding Floors

From the execive rods we cut 37mm pieces to assemble the case. First we weld the first part on one pair of circles. Then we line the second floor with the pipe we used for curving. We repeat the step once more to make three floors.

Step 5: Supporting the Case

Now it's time to put the holed plate as base. We cut a piece of 108x204mm, also we add two plates 110x13mm in the middle of the base, one front and one back and four more rods, 120mm each, to make strong enough the case.

Step 6: Decoration

Finally we weld the decorative flower and leaves.

Step 7: Making the Handle

The handle has a stainless steel tube of 118mm length. We should pass the tube in the rod and then bent the rod. We form it so it fits on the base and weld.

Step 8: Painting

For the painting we should first paint with a primer. We cover the stainless steel handle because we don't want to paint it. If we paint with spray cans it is faster as it dries faster. Then we put some paint. The colour is up to you!
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