Milk Jug Mask

Introduction: Milk Jug Mask

I recently attended Dallas comicon and wanted to make my own costume... This was what I was going to be originally but later decided to go as wolverine so I figured I'd make an instructable.

Step 1: Template

These are the parts you will need to cut out of your milk jug.

Step 2: Glueing

Glue the pieces together like shown with a hot glue gun making sure the seams are smooth.

Step 3: Painting

Next glue the caps on the front for more detail and then gather white spray paint and a black sharpie. Paint yours like my picture or make your own!

Step 4: Finished

Now cut eye holes and put a duct tape strap in the back to hold the mask in place. I also found that you might not need a strap because some times it holds itself in place.

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