Introduction: Milk Pouring Machine

For my design class, I had to create a machine that would help people with arthritis do simple tasks. I decided to make one that would make it easier for people to pour milk without having to ask someone for assistance. To use it, you use a handle to push the milk bottle down onto a rectangular prism and that makes the milk pour into the bowl.


You will be making this using wood, and the extra supplies you'll need are:

- a cutting knife

- string

- milk bottle

Step 1: Cut Out!

Gather all your wood and cut it into pieces as shown above:

Step 2: Glue Together

Get your two biggest pieces of cardboard and glue the end of them together using a glue gun, holding it down for a couple of minutes. Also using a glue gun, glue the handle on the top piece of cardboard.

Step 3: Adding String!

Using a pencil to make a hole at the back of the machine, you will now put the string through it. You can use the string to help pull the top box down.

Step 4: Adding the Holders

After that, you need to attach two holders that will help the milk stay in the middle, glue them on using a glue gun.

Step 5: Cutting Out Rectangular Prisms

Cut out two small rectangular prisms using the paper to guide you. These will help hold the milk carton when it falls.

Step 6:

Test it out by pulling the string, the milk should fall onto the two boxes.

Step 7: Use!

Get a bowl and use the machine to push milk into your cereal.