Introduction: Milk Safety Belt

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A Scenario

You are ready to leave work when you pick up a call from your loved one.  You hear bring home a gallon of milk.  You are already running late.  Now your hot dinner will have to wait because of this diversion.  You run to your vehicle, put it in gear and race off to the grocery. 
When you arrive, you jump out and run in, pickup the coveted milk, run to the cashier to pay.  The cashier asks if you want it in a bag, to which you reply, “No thank you.” 
Dash back to your vehicle, open the door and realize now where are you going to put the milk so that it does not roll around and spill when it hits something after you make the final turn onto your street? 

Do you wedge it between the bucket seats; wedge your lunch box, purse or briefcase next to it on the floor?  What do you do???  Read on for my solution to this common occurrence.

The intent of this instructable is to
1)  provide a quick and easy way to transport milk in your vehicle,
2)  encourage you to engage in a Do It Yourself franchise and community.

Step 1: Materials

1)  Gallon Milk container
2)  Seat Belt

Skill Level

Time to Complete
2 minutes

Step 2: Procedure

Put the Gallon Milk container on the seat

Step 3:

1) Pull the Seat Belt over the Milk container and
2) Push the Latch Plate through the Milk container handle.
Note: the latch plate has to be angled up and pushed through.  It will not go through if it is angled down or straight.

Step 4:

1) Push the Latch Plate into the Latch,
2) Click it and
3) Pull the Seat Belt back to tighten around the Milk container.

Drive home in confidence.

Step 5: Observations & Summary

1) This will work with 2 gallons to a seat belt.
2) There is one thing to be aware of some stores are careful to keep the milk racks clean, but there are times when there is milk on the bottom of the jug.  When you check out you will see any milk on the bottom when the cashier moves the jug from 1 counter to another or from 1 conveyor belt to another.  At which time you can ask the cashier for a towel to clean off the bottom so that any remaining milk will not be absorbed by your seat.

I am satisfied with the results.  I have never had a gallon of milk spill or explode while it was latched safely on the seat.

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