Introduction: Updated Milkscanner V1.5

The Milkscanner is a tool that allows the scanning of objects and creates a Displacement map for use with Moviesandbox or any other 3D App that would allow for displacement mapping.

1 Webcam
1 Tupperware Bowl
3 cups of Milk
1 custom LEGO rig

You can download the Milkscanner PC-Application and SourceCode (creates the displacement map automatically from a webcam image) from the Milkscanner webpage:

If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment on the Moviesandbox forums at:


Check out a life-size version of the milkscanner using Ink on vimeo!

Thanks for your interest!

Step 1: Scanning...

You fix the webcam above the bowl (you don't necessarily have to use LEGO, but it is a fast way to build and adjust...) and put the object to be scanned in it. Note that the Scanner can only scan half an object at a time.You then cover it half in milk. The milk basically "slices" through the object.

You can subtract the white part form the picture the webcam takes and the rest serves as your "slice". You then add some more milk and make another picture. That way you slice through the whole object, three spoons of milk at a time.

Step 2: Use Your Displacement Map

After creating a Displacement-map from your scanning, you can use it with the Trace-Tool and bring it into Moviesandbox, as shown in the youtube-video.

You can also import it as a displacement Map in Blender or Maya or any other Application that uses Displacement Maps. But remember - the displacement map only covers half the object!

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