Introduction: Mind Controlling Lightsaber

Have you always wanted to be a jedi? Now is your chance! Using the mindflex headset and an arduino you can now make your Jedi dreams come true. In this instructable I will tell you how.

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies you have to buy for this project are listed below. The wood and tape can be replaced

1m led strip
20 cm screw thread
1x 360 degrees continuous servo
2x weft nuts
1x speaker
1x transistor Bd139
1x DFplayer
1x SDcart
1x Arduino UNO
8x 70 cm wire
10x 10/20 cm wire
1x 1 kilo Ohm resistor
1x 400 M Ohm resistor
Soldering tools
Solderable breadboard
Glue gun


1x plastic sheet
1x see through PVC pipe (slightly smaller diameter as the grey PVC pipe)
1x grey PVC pipe
1x PVC pipe bottom
1x mind flex headband
Black tape
50x50 cm wood

Step 2: Mind Conroller Headset

Hack the mind flex headset by attaching one 70cm wire to the T pin and one 70cm wire to the ground of the chip inside the headset. I used the tutorial

Step 3: Casing Lightsaber

note: the intern and extern have to be done simultaneously

1. Cut both PVC pipes so that each of them are 45 cm long.

2. Cut 2 small rings with a length of around 4 cm each out of the grey PVC pipe.

3. Paint the small rings and the bottom of the PVC pipe black

4. Put the rings around the grey PVC pipe

5. Use the black tape to create a black stripe on the grey PVC pipe as decoration

6. Cut a hole in the PVC bottom and a small one next to it

7. Attach the speaker to the bottom

8. Cut a long small hole from the bottom of the see-through PVC pipe to around the middle of it. This will help with moving the pipe up

9. Cut 2 circles out of the wood, one with the same diameter as the grey PVC pipe and the other as the same diameter as the see-through PVC pipe.

10. Cut a smaller hole in the middle and the side of both wooden circles

11. Cut another circle out of the plastic sheet with the diameter of the see-through PVC pipe

12. Fold the LED strip in half and put it through the see-through PVC pipe

13. Glue the middle of the LED strip to the middle of the plastic circle

14. Glue the plastic circle to the see-through PVC pipe

15. Hammer the weft nuts into the wooden circles

16. Put the wire of the LED strip through the hole on the side of the wooden circle.

17. Attach the circle with glue to the end of the see-through PVC pipe

18. Attach the other wooden circle to one end of the screw thread and attach this to the servo.

19. The second circle will prevent the wire from tangling up in the servo

20. Screw the see-through pipe to the other side of the screw thread.

21. Put the LED wire through the side hole in the second wooden circle

22. Cut out a little piece of PVC and attach it inside the grey PVC pipe at the top.

23. Put everything inside the grey PVC pipe. The little piece you’ve just attached should be inside of the hole of the see-through PVC pipe

24. Glue the LED wire to the side inside the grey PVC pipe to make sure it doesn’t get tangled up in the servo

25. Use 5 70 cm wires to lengthen the wires of the servo, LED and speaker

Step 4: Intern

note: the intern and extern have to be done simultaneously

Connect the circuit board as is shown here above

To make the Jedi life easier for you I've added the code in this step

Step 5: Casing Adruino

Make a box out of the rest of your wood, big enough for your Arduino and circuit board to fit in. Create one hole in the box for the wires to go through

Put the arduino and solderable breadboard into the box and glue the lid. Make sure that all the wires are through the hole

Step 6: May the Force Be With You

Now that you've got your lightsaber ready for use, you are a true Jedi. May the force be with you

Step 7: Credits

i used this to make my lightsaber