Introduction: Mind Craft PE With Friends

Before we get started, there are a couple of things that we need to figure out. We need to know a couple of IP addresses, username and password for the router.

1. We need to know the IP address of the device that will be hosting (Server) the Minecraft PE game.

2. We need to know the IP address, username and password of the router (WiFi router).

3. We need to know the External (outside) IP address of the network where the device that will be hosting
(Server) the Minecraft PE game. We get this by going to a website that tells you what your external (outside) IP
address is. This External IP address will eventually change, it will not stay the same. Except if you were issued a static IP address from you Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Assumptions: I am assuming you have a simple setup on your home network. A wireless router (WiFi) and your iPad is connected to it. Thats it. No other devices in between.

Wireless Router (WiFi) <---------> Device (iPad)

Lets begin!

Step 1: Get Device Info:

You will need to know IP addresses of several items:

1.1 To start you'll need to know your device "IP" address, this is where you'll be playing MindCraft PE. Depending on what type of device (iPad or Android) you'll need to follow different steps of getting it.

For iPad follow these instructions Here

- WRITE DOWN the "IP Address" and the "Router" IP Address on a piece of paper, we will be needing those

- If you don't see a name next to "WiFi" under settings, make sure you are connected to your WiFi router. If there is no name that means you are not connected to a WIFI.

NOTE: For the bottom step, the external IP address you have will likely be a dynamic address, meaning it will change over time. When you get your set up working - you and your friend are able to play together and the next day it does not work, double check your external IP address, it may have changed. If it did, you will need to repeat step #1.2 again and your friend will need to edit or delete the old setting and create a new external server with the new external IP address: have your friend repeat step "Add External Server on Friends Device" (last step in this tutorial).

1.2 Now we need to know the External (outside) IP address of the network where the device that will be hosting
(Server) the Minecraft PE game. We get this by going to It will say "Your IPv4 Address
is: " followed by your external address in light blue letters. You could also try or any other web site that shows you your external IP address.

You need to write all this down, you will need this information later.

Step 2: Get Wireless Router Info:

Now you will need to log into your router to make the necessary changes to allow your friend to connect.

In this step you will need the routers IP address and UserName and Password. If you don't know your username and password, try using the default username and password. Google the Manufacturer and model number of your router and look for the default credentials: usually its username: Admin and password: admin or Admin.

If you're not able to log into your router you will not be able to make the changes needed to allow your friends to connect. One option is to reset your router to default setting, I WILL NOT cover the steps needed to do so.

2.1 Type in the IP address of your router, which you should have written down on the previous step, into your web browser (Safari, Firefox or Explorer). After you type the router's IP address, it should look similar to this "" then press enter. Make sure you type the http:// before the routers IP address. Depending on the router make the IP address will be different, this does not matter. As long as you type in the router's IP address you wrote down in Step 1.1, it will work.

2.2 After pressing enter you'll get a log in page. Similar to mine.

Enter your Username and Password to log in.

If you have successfully logged into the WiFi router, that will be it for this step.

Step 3: Set Up "IP Forwarding":

This step is tricky to explain because there are many different router manufacturer types and each type has different ways of configuring the setting we need to change.

Basically what we need to do is called "Port Forwarding". What this does is when a friend sets up an external server on the MindCraft PE, it will use your External (outside) IP address along with a port number (port 19132) to connect to your device. When your router receives the request to connect it will know to send it to your device (iPad) by using your devices IP address.

With out this step the router will not know what to do with the incoming request to find MindCraft PE server (your device: iPad) and your friend will not be able to connect with your device.

Ok, so here we go!!

In this example Will be using a WIFI router made by Asus and the model number is RT-N66R with a firmware version:

After logging into my WiFi router Using the IP Address I wrote down on Step 1 for the WiFi router address.

3.1 I need to go to Advance Setting, located on the left side of the screen. I have not clicked on any tabs yet, all I have done as of right now is logged into my router.

3.2 Under Advance setting I need to select (click) on the "WAN" tab. Once I select WAN, I am taken to the WAN settings page. In this page, I need to select the tab called "Virtual Server/Port Forwarding".

3.3 I should be in the "WAN-Virtual Server/Port Forwarding" page now.

Here I get some information about Virtual Server/Port Forwarding. There's a middle section called "Basic Config" we will skip this section. The bottom section is where we will configure our setting for port forwarding its called "Port Forwarding List".

1. To start we need to add a name for your service, I chose "MindCraft PE".
2. Specified a port: 19132.
3. Then the local IP address, here you type in the ip address for your device (iPad).
4. Then local port number: 19132.
5. Followed by the Protocol: UDP.
6. Now you will click on "Add"
7. Lastly you will need to click "Apply".

If everything was done correctly, the settings will appear right at the bottom. There will be a "Minus" button on the far right side, this will be for removing the setting.

Step 4: Recap

Going over what we have done so far:

1. We wrote down the IP address of the device that will be hosting the MindCraft PE game (the server) along with the router's IP address. Noted the External (Outside) IP address.

2. Logged into the router.

3. Configured port forwarding.

Now we need to set up an External server on MindCraft PE on your friends device.

Step 5: Add External Server on Friends Device

Now we need to start up MindCraft PE on your friends device.

Open Up MineCraft PE

1. Press "Play"

2. Press "New", located on the top right corner

3. Next to "Create a World" there is an icon that has a "plus sign with an arrow pointing right", click on that icon.

4. Name the external server. It can be what ever name you wish. Try "Friends MineCraft"

5. Type in the External IP address of your friend hosting the game gave you.

6. Leave the Port as it is. It should read 19132

7. Click on "Add Server" on the left

8. This will take you to the "Create a World" page, click on the "Back" button the the top left corner.

That will take you to the screen where your device is trying to set up the connection to your friend hosting the game. If it is successful, the circle next to the "red x" will turn green. Click on the tab where the green circle is to connect to your friends game. Your friend hosting the game needs to have a game started in order to connect to it. If the circle is red, make sure your friend has started a game to be able to join it. Do Not click on the red X, it will delete the server information.

Step 6: Done

Thats it, you are now ready to play with your friends.

Good Job and happy gaming,

-- NetNovice


This will be a working progress, I will be adding additional information as I see what I have missed. Remember that everyones network set up is different. This is just a sample to help you get started and hopefully get you up and running. I will help you as much as I can, just ask question below.