Introduction: Mind Controlled Light Using Arduino || Poor Man's EEG Sensor

Wouldn't it be great to Turn things on or off with your mind.. !!!

Like the Puzlebox Orbit Mobile Edition ( ) or the cool Star Wars Science - Force Trainer ( ) . I know they are cool but they are expensive too :(

In this Project I will show how to replicate such a model with the help of Arduino in a cheap and very simply way. Even I will not use any EEG cathode as they are expensive and not easily available in every place.

Step 1: The Video :)

Step 2: Tools for the Project

1. Wire Stripper & Cutter

2. Soldering iron

3. Soldering wire

4. Multimeter

5. Tape

Step 3: Components Required for the Project

1. Arduino

2. L.E.D (here i used multi colored one )

3. Wire

4. Piece of cloth ( for making the band for head )

5. Polyethylene Pouches

Step 4: What Is a Piezoelectric Disc or Sensor ?

Ans : wikipedia have better answer than me :D :P link :: ( )

I did a little test before starting this project. In the image it can be observed that initially the meter shows 0 (zero) V, but after it hit the disc once the meter shows 0.879 V. it means it is generating voltage pulses and in this project i will use those voltage fluctuation to control my L.E.D with the help of the Arduino.

Step 5: Schematic

This is how the L.E.D and the Piezo disk is to be connected with the Arduino.

Step 6: Preparing the Disc

If you get disc without wires then connect (solder) two wires to it, one on the peripheral metal disc and other on the center but not on the small separated zone (feedback region).

After the soldering is done use Polyethylene Pouch to cover the disc (as shown in the image) so that sweat do not cause any problem to the desired output.

Then tie the band on the forehead make sure its not too tight nor too loose. .

Step 7: Position of the Piezo Disc

This is the mist important part of the whole project, place the disc under the band of forehead in either left or right side of the forehead. The disc must lie above the muscle of the fore head so that when you press your jaws, your head muscle must push the disc( this is the main working principal ).

Now, its almost done !!

Do the wiring according to the schematic and connect the Arduino to the PC.

Step 8: Program the Micro Controller Using Arduino IDE

Here the programming is done twice
firstly, to observe the readings so that the light can be controlled !!
Note down the readings and modify my sketch according to your need.
Then in the second program change the value according to your need. You can set any values try modifying the program and have fun.

download Arduino IDE from ::

Step 9: Further Development

More modifications can be done by making it wireless with the help of Transceiver modules.

Its done..!!!.

You made your own Mind controlled Light :)

Feel free to ask and post your modifications on this simple project...!!!
Have fun and be curious !!!!

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