Introduction: Trick One

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How to make a nether portal:

Make at least a 5x2 door of obsidian and then place flint and steel inside the door

Step 1: Inventory Tricks

Ok, first you have to be in creative mode. Then you have to collect all the MOST valuable stuff in Minecraft, then switch to survival and you'll have a ton of stuff!

Step 2: Enchanting Trick

What you do for the enchanting trick is that in the new update, they added you can go into chests and enchanting tables, so in creative mode, you can enchant your armor put it on, and change to survival do you can have the most powerful armor!!

Step 3: Chest Lock and Key

Hold the 'sneak' key, and place dirt on the chest. You can't open it now, but once you hoe the dirt, you can open

Key: HOE

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