Introduction: MineCraft on a PSP 1000

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Did you ever wish to play Minecraft on that old PSP 1000? Perhaps you have considered tossing the PSP, but this hack will give some new life to that old game console. A bit of history with the PSP: Released on December 12, 2004, this console was ahead of its time with A screen of 480 × 272 pixels with 16,777,216 colors, 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD, 3.8 in wide. A CPU speed of 333 MHz MIPS R4000.

It also came with Wi-Fi (802.11b),[4] and IrDA. USB computer connection and stereo speakers. This console produced crystal clear 3D graphics that are high by even today's standards, making this console A perfect candidate for playing Minecraft. Let's get hacking!

Step 1: You Only Need:

You'll need A laptop with internet access and USB 2.0 support. A mini USB cable and A PSP 1000.

(NOTE: Your PSP 1000 MUST have custom firmware installed!)

As far as software, you need to download the file from the following link:

Minecraft PSP Edition v.1.3.1

When you go there, the download should start automatically. Once you have the file, you need Winrar. Get it at

Step 2: Eeeks-trak-shun!

Continue on by extracting the downloaded .rar file onto your desktop using Winrar.

Once complete, connect the PSP to your PC via the USB cable.

Step 3: Final Step

Now, open up the PSP root and simply drag the extracted Minecraft Archive into the GAME folder.

Thanks for reading!