Introduction: Minecraft Adventure Mode Launcher

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What is the most frustrating thing about Minecraft Adventure maps?

Destruction. In Minecraft destruction is a way of life.

What if there was a way to save your player data and revert the entire map back to its original state so you can continue on after something has gone wrong? What if you have already completed the adventure and want to start all over from the beginning? Do you distain always having to manually reload the map data?

Now you can at the press of a button.

I present you with the Minecraft Adventure Launcher!

This program can:

  • Delete player data and start a new game.
  • Save player data and location
  • Restore the map to its original state while keeping player data.


(1) Unzip the “Minecraft Adventure Launcher” folder to the location of your choosing.

(2) Place the world files you want to run in the “Minecraft Adventure Launcher\world_master” folder.

(3) You must run the “Minecraft Adventure Launcher” to begin the Minecraft adventure server. Running the “minecraft_server” will not build and play the correct map.

(4) Choose one of the following options from the prompt;

  • (N) New Game – This option will reset the Adventure Map and delete any existing player data.
  • (L) Launch game without restore – Simply launches the game from where you left off.
  • (R) Restore Map – Saves all player data and restores any damage the map has sustained.
  • (E) Exit – Exits the prompt and returns to the desktop.

** Choose the (N) option the fist time you play, or else the master map will NOT be setup.**

(5) Once you have made your choice, other than exit, the Minecraft server will start loaded with your

selected configuration. Connect to the Minecraft server through your Minecraft client.

** The LAN port is the default 25565.

If you are not sure what this means, open the client and do the following;

> Click “Multiplayer”

> Click “Add server”

> Enter Server Name: “Map name”

> Enter Server Address:, if playing from the computer that ran the launcher.

** Otherwise enter the address of the Pc running the “Minecraft Adventure Launcher” Minecraft Server.

Server Updates

This was built using the Minecraft server .exe version 1.7.9

When a new Minecraft server .exe build becomes available, simply replace the current “minecraft_server” with the new version, while renaming it to “minecraft_server”. No other steps should be necessary.


I provide this software without any expressed or implied warranty.

Do not run the “Minecraft Adventure Launcher” outside of it’s working directory or file creation / deletion may occur.

Enjoy the adventure!

This launcher comes with a custom Minecraft Server and will not
directly communicate with your Minecraft client or read your Minecraft account information.