Introduction: Minecraft Auto-Furnace

Do you always need to move your cooked ores or ingots to a chest after there smelted. Do you ever feel like this could be easier. Well now it can. This design will move the cooked items into a predetermined chest. This will work for most versions of Minecraft above 1.5.2 and does not require mods.

Step 1: Materials

So you'll need 2x1x5 block space, 3 hoppers, 3 chests, 1 furnace, some fuel (coal) and something to smelt or cook (iron ore).

Step 2: Design

First, place a chest at the bottom (i'll use a double chest). Second, Shift+Right Click hopper onto chest. You MUST hold down shift while place the hopper onto the chest and make sure you are aiming on top of the chest. Third, place a furnace on top of the hopper. Then, place a hopper on top and beside the furnace while repeated what I mentioned earlier. Lastly, place a chest on top of each empty hopper and your done.

Step 3: Usage

Add fuel (coal) into side chest and item to be cooked or smelted (iron ore) and wait. That's about it. In a few seconds the bottom chest will start filling with the end product. If you have any issues please comment and I'll try to help.