Introduction: Minecraft Auto Sugarcane Harvester

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Hey guys! First off wanted to say Happy Christmahanakwanzika! I love all the people who have been checking out my Instructables. Thanks to everyone who is here! It's been really nice of you guys to do that. In the next few Instructables, I will show you some stuff that can be done in a Skyblock server. This is an Automatic Sugarcane Harvester; it is very useful when you need to get sugar cane but don't have the time to harvest it or you would rather do something else. I hope you enjoy this Instructables so let's get started.

Step 1: Water & Sand

This build isn't limited to Skyblock servers but may prove very useful in them. Personally I use this any time I need paper or sugar. To do this in a Skyblock you will have to dig into your floating island. Be careful when doing this as when I first did I forgot that you can fall into the void. To get water you will need a bucket and a water source. To get these items you will find a chest on your island with some ice in it. Dig a 2*2 area in your island then put down two ice blocks diagonal to each other so that two space will be open like a chess board, then break them. By doing this you are creating an infinite water source. For the build, you'll need to make a straight line of still water with an equal number of sand blocks beside it. In this build, I use a simple six blocks of sand and six buckets of water. You need the water because sugar cane only grows on the sand next to the water.

Step 2: Starting the Base

Start by placing a block of any building material next to one of the ends of the sugar cane and continue to build like in the first picture. After creating the awkward shape in the first image, you'll need to place enough blocks to reach the end of your sugar cane and a line of pistons underneath it facing toward the sugar cane. These pistons will not need to be sticky but later you will need one.

Step 3: Redstone and Pistons!

Place a sticky piston near the stair-like base you first created, and next to it place enough pistons so that each piston has one sugar cane underneath it. After you finish doing that, place a block of Redstone on the sticky piston and place some Redstone dust next to the Redstone block so that it activates. Place a Redstone repeater facing toward the block that leads up to the line above the pistons and place Redstone dust on the line of blocks.

Step 4: Done!

When ever sugar cane grows it will immediately harvest it. I saw something like this on youtube but it had some flaws so I made some modifications to it and here it is. I hope it comes in handy! If you need a way to collect it then you can use some water or hoppers! Thanks again for checking out my instructables! Next up is my instructables on Skyblock! I love to play Skyblock so I hope I can help you. I hope you have a Merry Christmahanakwanzika and a Happy New Year!