Introduction: Minecraft Basics 101 -- Welcome to the Community (Discalimer: I Do Not Own the Photos I Use and I Am NOT Mojang)

About: I was bored and found this website. I have been playing Minecraft for 2-3yrs now and I want to help the newbies by posting lessons on Minecraft...I'll try my best to keep posting! Please suggest things for me …

Please please please if you can somehow tell me what to do next pls do bc I have no idea what I'm getting into- XD this was a bad idea-


uh- an electronic and 10 bucks :I

Step 1: Step One: Controls!!

Let's start with the boring stuff! controls...

Java (usually for computers just look at thee Java section):

- There are not too many controls, it's basically like any regular pc video game key's wise. :)

- link to see a table chart that belongs to Minecraft Official Wiki (tch- you think I'm going to write it all? hah! Nah):

Pocket Edition: (usually any of them gamers using a phone or tablet)

- just use the arrows on your screen :D

- and use the diamond on right to jump, if you're in creative mode (I'll explain that next) double-tap it to fly then use the arrows above and below to go down and up

- swipe on the screen to look around - chat and settings/pause (you can't actually pause the game though-) button at the top :> (the pic is at the top I think)

FINally bedrock (usually ps4 or Xbox):

- (scroll until you see the title controls and look at that chart.)

(hope this helps a bit ;w;)

Step 2: Step 2: Understanding Creative, Survival, and Education Mode


creative mode is basically you can't die, you can build whatever you want with an unlimited amount of blocks.

Survival mode(s):

Survival is just what it sounds like, you're surviving in the wild trying not to die, scavenging for food- like Survivor Man but safer.

just look at the link again explaining the survival modes ;3; :

Adventure mode:

Adventure mode is just exploring the map, you're not really doing anything...

Experimental mode:

You can have this 'add-on' in creative or in survival (just flick the switch when you're creating your world). Basically, you have your table of elements and you can create things like heat blocks, ice balls, and other things using the provided elements. In my opinion, it's not the most fun but it's cool to explore.

Step 3: That's It for Now ^^