Introduction: Minecraft Birthday Party

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The final product. For my husband who loves the nerdy, fun, addictive game that is minecraft.

Step 1: Supplies

The main materials were foam board and cardboard.
Other supplies used were: spray paint, papercraft printouts, LED lights, and tablecloth.

Step 2: Assemble, Assemble, Assemble

Come up with your Minecraft scene and make the ground from foamboard and layer in some places to look like mountains. Spray paint the white edges of green foamboard with green spray paint.

Transition green paperboard to white to go from grass to snow.

Assemble your papercraft blocks.

Stack wood blocks and paint clear blocks to be trees.

I made a neatherrack with an LED bulb inside of a black and red block.

Step 3: Torch the Place

Down a stairwell or a hallway make torches, complete with LED candles.

Step 4: Set Up and Let Your Guests Enjoy

Arrange your scene on a table. I made some loose paper blocks for guests to play with. My total set up included a cake, portal, door and torches too.

I also had help from some good friends ^___^
They made a creeper, ghast, cart, treats and minecraft people.